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Places to Stay in Malta: Malta or Gozo?

If you’re taking a vacation to the lovely Mediterranean island of Malta, you’re probably contemplating whether staying on the island of Malta or Gozo is the best option for you. The Maltese archipelago consists of three islands, two of which are inhabited, and both Gozo and Malta have unique attractions for visitors.

If you’re pressed for time for your Malta trip or simply want to know where you’ll spend the most of your time while there, choose whether to stay in Gozo or Malta is critical. Depending on the type of vacation or retreat you want, both islands have dramatically different things to offer (and we strongly encourage spending time on both islands while you’re there!) and may provide you with an entirely new perspective on the island.

We’ve put together a comparison of the islands, with some prime factors to consider ahead of a trip.


The first point to consider when comparing Malta and Gozo is the island’s accessibility. While Malta’s main island has its own airport, Gozo has not. This implies that additional travel time is necessary to reach Gozo. The two islands are linked by a ferry channel, so getting to your accommodation in Gozo from the airport can take up to three hours. Due to patterns in ferry lineups, this is dependent on traffic, arrival time, and even the day of the week. However, once in Gozo, you’ll discover that it’s well worth the extra effort.

You can either reach Gozo with a fast ferry service from Valletta (passengers only) or with a ferry service from Cirkewwa (passenger and vehicles).

Getting around the islands

When you arrive in Malta, you will discover that getting around the island is simple, whether you want to use public transportation or hire a car. The bus network in Malta is extensive and simple to use, and you can quickly travel everywhere you need to go by depending on it.

When comparing the two islands, however, Gozo has less traffic, is less densely inhabited, and getting around is considerably easier. Because of the slower pace of life, roads are safer than in Malta, with far fewer car accidents.

Cost of Living

Another important factor in the Malta vs. Gozo argument is the cost of either island. This is especially crucial if you’re trying to stay within a budget while visiting Malta and Gozo.

Malta, in general, may be a reasonably priced vacation provided you’re wise about where you spend your money and how you spend your time. While it is not the cheapest destination in Europe, it is also not the most costly, and it is completely feasible to spend a substantial amount of time on either island without breaking the bank.

If you’re wondering if Malta or Gozo is more economical, you’ll probably discover that Malta is slightly more costly than the other island. This is mostly due to the fact that there is more and it is a more popular destination, thus hotel and restaurant rates are slightly higher. However, the price difference is not great, and making a big decision only on which is the cheapest might be difficult.

Crowds vs Calm

Likely the most significant deciding aspect in your selection. Malta is busier since it is the major island. There is more traffic, more people, and more possibilities for nightlife and entertainment. It’s not so much about having more things to do as it is about having greater crowds and events. So it’s like contrasting a major metropolis with a smaller city or village. Gozo has its own clubs, taverns, and more intimate entertainment alternatives.

Furthermore, Gozo has a lot more unspoiled land, so you can go on treks, roam about, enjoy rural views , and participate in outdoor sports.

Overall, you’ll have more space to yourself and there will be less waiting around and lining up in Gozo. If winding down is what you’re after, Gozo’s your choice

Accommodation Options

The major area where you will reduce costs by staying in Gozo is on accommodation, as there are a few more cheap alternatives accessible on the island of Gozo rather than on the island of Malta. This is due to the fact that Gozo still has many small, owner-operated enterprises, as opposed to Malta, where major multinationals dominate the hotel industry. This also means that your time in Gozo will be more authentic, traditional, and welcoming.

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