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Things to do while staying in Gozo

Have you ever visited the island of Gozo? It’s approximately a 25-minute boat journey from Malta and has enough to do!

Gozo is the archipelago’s second largest island, located furthest north. Despite its remoteness, Gozo has lots to offer.  Spend a few days seeing Malta’s beautiful sister island and be sure to participate in the following activities:

Explore the fortified city of Citadella

When the population were distributed in tiny hamlets around the countryside in medieval times, the walls of the Citadel were the main defense system, and the villagers ran to hide whenever pirates appeared on the island. Within the fortifications, explore the small cobblestone alleyways, the Gozo Cathedral, and the intriguing silos. And, of course, enjoy the view from the ramparts.

Relish in the crystal clear waters

The pull of the sea is difficult to resist now that summer has arrived – there are numerous beaches to visit, each one distinctive in its own way. We recommend that you participate in some of the various water activities. This is a world for individuals who enjoy adventure, from diving to kayaking, snorkeling, and exhilarating jet-skis.

Visit Dwejra’s Inland Sea and Tunnel.

The coastline region of Dwejra and the Inland Sea is undeniably interesting. The Inland Sea, a lagoon connected to the sea by a cave, was formerly a typical fishermen’s cove, as shown by the cottages that surround it. Today, this region is a popular diving and water sports destination.

Discover Wied il-Gasri

Wied il-Gasri is another breathtaking inlet to see. This valley, with cliffs on both sides, produces a tiny and lonely pebbly bay accessible only through a steep stairway chiseled out of the rock face.

Take a trip to prehistoric times

Looking for some ancient history? Then you should go to the Gantija Temples. These prehistoric structures built from massive rocks are older than the pyramids and Stonehenge and are incredibly amazing. Today, they are also a UNESCO World heritage site. Ggantija Temples will leave you speechless.

Visit tal-Mixta Cave

Tal-Mixta cave is located in the highlands of Nadur, high above Ramla Bay. The rock forms a natural window, providing some of the most stunning views of the sea and coastline; a must-do in Gozo! Troglodytes are said to have formerly resided in the cave (the ancient cave dwellers). The function evolved through time. For a while, it was also employed by the Knights of St. John to launch cannons during pirate raids. Today it’s a great place to enjoy the sunset, and sea views.

Learn about traditional windmills

One of the Maltese Island’s remaining original windmills may be seen near the Ggantija Temples. The Ta’ Kola Windmill was built in 1725 and was used to process grain into flour using massive grinding stones. The windmill is now a museum with reproduced furnishings where visitors may tour the miller’s workplace and residential areas.

Discover the tastes of Gozo

Ta Mena Estate is the ideal spot to learn about Gozo’s excellent gastronomy! Among other things, the family-run farm produces olive oil, wines, tomato paste, fruits, and cheese. They employ ancient recipes passed down through generations from a time when food preservation technology did not exist. The inhabitants of Gozo employed natural preservation methods at the time, one of which is used to manufacture the famed tomato paste at Ta Mena Estate.

Stay in a traditional farmhouse and enjoy sunny days by the pool

To truly experience Gozo, you need to stay in a typical Gozitan residence. Whether you prefer staying at a bed and breakfast or in a private accommodation, there are various options to choose from. At il-Wileg, we can offer both. Have a look at our bed and breakfast and private farmhouse in Qala, Gozo.